Campath (alemtuzumab)

Perhaps I missed it being talked about, but the EMA (European Medical Agency) has given the go ahead for campath to be used as a first line treatment in MS. This means you wouldn’t need to fail other therapies before being prescribed it BUT it is going to be down to NICE to decide if UK people wth MS can be prescribed it and when. All depends on the cost I expect.

i read about campath whilst in limboland

what a shame if cost prevents people having a chance of it.

maybe we could start a revolution

carole x

If you have time can you tell us a bit about this drug? I know it is an oral treatment, nil else.

Hi All, Is there anyone on Campath or had Stem Cell Therapy, as my Neurologist is suggesting I look into both. So I’m trying to find out as much as possible. Currently on Tysabri, but still have relapses and in fact Spasticity has set in. Just trying to find out whether these 2 treatments have helped anyone with spasticity and disability, thx Z:)