Hi all. New to this site / forum, so thought I would see if anybody would kindly provide some much needed advice or simply share the benefit of their experience. There are probably plenty of these type of threads that have already been posted, however following my recent relapsing-remitting MS diagnosis earlier this week, I am to begin some DMD treatment shortly with Alemtuzumab-MabCampath. I have a few details and some literature supplied by the Specialist MS Nurse, however what is the experience / logistics of going into hospital for this treatment really like for those who have already experienced this particular drug? How did you feel during the treatment and afterwards? What have been the initial pros and cons for those who have chosen this route? Are there any tips or advice that people feel may be of benefit in preparation for that first night of five treatment in hospitals? Any advice would be much appreciated!


Great to hear your starting treatment, Campath is meant to be one of the best treatments there is. I don’t know anything about it i’m afraid - taking rebif myself. Perhaps if you post on the everday living board you may get more replies? I have not seen lots of posts on campath, so maybe you could start one for others. Hope you get some answers, best of luck.

Laura x