Cambridge Diet questions .......

Has anybody done or heard of anyone doing the Cambridge Diet ? and how they got on on it ?

I’m keen to hear how things went on it whilst having MS,

Thank you,

Lorraine x

I did it many years ago. It may have changed but milk shakes and a chocolate bar daily just didn’t do it for me!! A much better diet around at the moment is WEIGHT WATCHERS PRO POINTS. It’s free to join at the moment, get all the info needed, then it’s about £5 a week to attend a class. However if you can do it on your own it’s FREE! ie if you can keep to it and weigh yourself once a week at home, or with friends, you don’t need to go along and pay. During your free week you will get all the infomation you need. Buy the book that tells you what each food ‘costs’ in points and you’re off!!

Cambridge Diet (as I knew it) doesn’t allow you to eat out OR have a normal social life. With WW you can eat what you want as long as it’s within your allowance. No buying special, expensive stuff that others aren’t eating around you. Life is tough enough at the moment without excluding foods you like!

I lost weight years ago with WW. Sadly at the moment I feel sick ALL the time and am under 8 stone…

So another great diet is getting MS, having Chemo and watch the weight fall off!!!

GOOD LUCK with whatever you choose!


I did the cambridge just over a year ago and managed to lose 2 stone in 8 weeks- felt great - skin good, loads more energy All you have are three shakes or soups (made with water bit different from slimfast) a day totals up to 610 calories and you gointo starvation mode (keotosis or something like that), you are not allowed ANYTHING else,the weight comes off really really quickly - it costs around £45 per week but you dont spend any money on food. it didnt affect my M.S at all.

Now for the buts, it goes on faster and more,- 2stone plus back on and now every diet I tried since then doesnt work as your body thinks oh here we go again, diet time lets hold onto the fat…Literally had to stop all types of diet for at least 6months so my metabolic went back to normal . just started slimming world and having success with that at the moment so I would never say never to cambridge but it is a fix quick diet with good results at the time but it doesnt last. They say you do maintanance - which I did but still put it back on

S/W or WW same type of diet - heathly eating

good luck - (sounds like I am a serial dieter but not honest )