Cambridge Diet

Hi there, does anyone know if it’s ok to follow the Cambridge diet when you have MS. I know you have to fill in a medical form and also have your GP’s signature but just wondered if anyone can give any advice on how it worked for them

l do not know of anyone doing the Cambridge Diet - but l know in our GP surgery waiting room there is a notice stating that the practice will not sign forms for it.

When you sit waiting ages for your appointment you tend to read these notices over and over again.

There are folk on this forum who have very successfully lost weight following the Slimming World /Weightwatchers diets.

l know that Poll now has difficulty keeping her trousers up because she has lost so much!!!

Thats go to be a good recommendation.


Ha! I had to laugh when I saw what Campion said about me as a good recommendation! The trousers in question have been resigned to the charity shop!

But yes, I am doing well on the Slimming World plan…not allowed to call it a diet, teacher says! Im unable to get weighed as my legs wont hold me up long enough and I dither like Elvis! I joined in May, with my sis. But when teach realised she cant weigh me, she Iet me keep going, as my sis goes and I get inspiration from the whole class. Sis has lost a stone in 14 weeks. Shes at target now…not as well padded as me!

Going by my clothes, I have gone down 2 sizes, and reckon Ive lost around 2 stones. Id like to lose another 2 stones.

Years and years ago, I did try the Cambridge diet. Dunno if it has cahned since then (probably has), but it messed my bowels up summat chronic! I didnt gofor a week or 2. I spoke to the woman in the health shop, who sold it to me, and she said,Oh yes. It can do that and if you have bowel probelms, its not advisable to use it. Nice! She didn`t tell me that when I was buying it.

Good luck in whatever you try.

luv Pollx

Hi, I have lost 4st with Cambridge diet :slight_smile: it took just over 5 months…

I feel great now, altho during school holidays i put on 10 lbs… well I told my lady thats onlt 2lb a week on and she said yes but you werre losing that towards the end … I agreed and have gone back on it and lost 4lb in forst week back, hopefully i’ll be back on maintainence again in a cuple of weeks …

I got my Consultant to sign my form, altho he didn’t have a clue really he saw how desperate I was to lose weight and the MS nurse read the leaflet and saw that it had all nutrients in it that you need to survive basically and he ok’d it.

If you can get thru first couple of weeks you’ll be laughing … It did make me laugh tho, you’re not allowed to excercise at first as you won’t be taking in enough cals to burn any off … lol, fine by me, i can’t do much anyway :wink:

I have much more confidence now, I’ve recently got engaged (second time round, fiance knew of my MS from start and he’s not phased at all, I worry more than him) but above all i don’t get so worn out when walking, any kind of running is out the window now really, but i do what I can…

So yes i would do it if you can afford to, your Cons should sign the form, or the nurse even… I really had no prob at all with it, just drink loads of water cos you may feel a bit dizzy at times, and at end of the day you are gonna be much healhier weighing less… and be careful eating healthily once you’re at target…

Good luck and if you do decide to do it, just ask if there are any questions :slight_smile:

Lorraine xx