Buying an exercise bike

Hi everyone! There is a bewildering range of exercise bikes out there! I’d like some advice on bikes suitable for someone with MS. I want to strengthen leg muscles and increase stamina and my feet will to be secured on the pedals to stop them falling off! Any recomendations please?

I have a Horizon Comfort 408 that I’m happy with. When I was researching, I discovered that ones with backs to the seats are best.

I recommend shopping about - I got a great deal on mine.

Karen x

Hi, yes you are right to chose with care. The first exercise bike I bought was a cheap and not so good one - my backside got very sore!

One on those incumbant bikes would be a good idea - less murderous on the backside - I went for a rowing machine in the end - lots of exercise and no standing up - try before you buy!

love Suzanne

I will go with Suzanne and the idea of a rowing machine. Legs, back, and arms all get a workout.


I have just started a regular exercise program at our local leisure centre (the referral chain involved an MS Nurse, two physios, and a fitness advisor) and the rowing machine is the hardest one to get on and get off. (Note that I have “dropped foot”, and very limited fine motor control over my left leg). With any kit of that sort Try Before You Buy is essential.