Browned off.

I am having one of those days of feeling annoyed and frustrated. Not having the stamina to get the work done I want to do. Generally pretty grumpy.

Something that has been irritating me off and on the last few days and, given my present mood, even more today, is the fact that I have heard back from the DVLA regarding my recent diagnosis, but no MS nurse as yet - I understood that my neurologist was to refer me to one. How long do people wait to see one in general?

Regarding the DVLA - I’m expecting the 3 year license. That’s alright, but it is something to get used to - the feeling that I am not as in control any more, that others are making decisions for me.

The 3 year licence thing is not so bad, just remember to keep a note of dates of GP and consultant appointments, any relapses, etc as you have to put all the stuff on the form when it comes round again. If it has been a while and you haven’t heard about an appt yet, might be worth ringing up again to chase for an MS nurse appt, things to get missed sometimes although there doesn’t seem to be any such thing as a quick nhs appt for anything unfortunately.

Hope your day gets better - stop trying to do so much and rest . Set smaller targets of things you want to get so you actually get to feel you achieve something, rather than aiming to do too much and feeling nothing but failure.

Hi Dunlin, I think we all have those kind of days…especially when there is loads to do and you just don’t have the energy! I think what zedsee said about setting smaller targets is a good idea, but i know how frustrating that can be…especially when you want to get things done! I had to wait 2 weeks to see my nurse… can you call and find out whats going on with yours?. I have to admit when i got my three year licence, i was upset…kinda like being dx all over again…sounds silly but I totally understand where you are coming from with regards of not having control. Hope you are feeling happier soon…:0) i find wine helps!! (bit early yet mind!!)

Thank you for your nice replies!

Today has been a frustrating day in many ways, hopefully tomorrow will be better. I will try to find out about the MS nurse next week.