breakfast and evening meal?

Hi is there any nice creamy meals and good breakfasts to go with tec being a male Anne can’t cook lol thanx.

I can recommend Wiltshire farm foods, so easy and surprisingly very very nice, the pud’s are great visit there webb site, I live out In the sticks, Ashbourne, they deliver here on a Monday and Wednesday, the driver even puts them In the freezer for you

I have the microwave In the lounge with me, makes It really easy, hope that Is of help.

Regards David

Thanks forthat dave hop doing?

I was thinking more cooking I’m only 35 lol

cook some pasta i do mine in microwave (in a large bowl cover with boiling water cook on full power 12 mins) then fry up any bits of bacon mushrooms etc when pasta cooked add to the pan with mushrooms or whatever with some of the water from pasta and add some grated cheese warm through cheesey pasta quick . Breakfast you could have some Greek yoghurt with musili and some berries you can get frozen ones that are good , or just lots of buttered toast with an poached egg on top (do it in a frying pan but use water instead of oil with a little vinegar and just splash the water over it dont let water boil just a gentle simmer) .Have fun


have what ever you want / are able to have. no dietary considerations are required in order to successfully live with tecfidera

Tauntaun steak well seasoned. Maybe wookie burgers. Nice, but can be a chewy. …

Pmsl I’m all over it