Brain fog?

I don’t think I have brain fog but maybe… On sunday I walk on the track that circles the rec center complex. I’ve used the track for 34 years. Lately it feels like I’ve never been there before. Then driving–same road for 34 years–it feels like I’ve missed a turn and need to backtrack to find the right road. It’s not a sense of having forgotten but a surreal quality. I know the way but it doesn’t feel right. Simple tasks take effort they never required before.

I’m a veterinarian and take care of wild birds. A great horned owl was dropped off at my clinic door. He’s got burned talons probably from touching a power line. I bought mouse traps to be able to feed him. Then when setting traps in my barn I saw a dozen sprung traps I must have set up and forgotten about. Then realised something was wrong and it took a while to remember the traps need peanut butter or they won’t catch mice. So I went to the store to buy peanut butter and had a moment wondering why I was buying peanut butter since I dislike peanut butter.

I hope the problem is being caused by medication. I’m taking Pradaxa, propranolol, prozac, tylenol and oxycodone. In a couple of weeks I start tysabri.


Hi Kaypeech

It could be that your combination of drugs is causing your brain to have a bit of overload causing some cognitive problems.

But don’t dismiss the fact that your MS diagnosis is quite recent and that by itself is sometimes enough to set your poor brain a bit screwy.

Forgetting a road / a track you’ve known for over 30 years sounds a bit worrying. Perhaps you should be starting out by having a chat with your GP, talking about your particular variety of forgetfulness (and giving explicit examples like you’ve given us is a good idea I’m sure). You could see if s/he thinks there could be a connection with drug cocktail, or can come up with another reason for the cog fog.

Otherwise, talk to your MS nurse, assuming you have one. Or ask your neurologist for a referral to a neuro-psychologist if all else is ruled out. (If you don’t have an appointment coming up, send a letter or an email - usually to his/her secretary to be forwarded to the neuro.)

By the way, did you notice that you’ve called your thread Brain Fog - the same name as the longest running thread in the history of the MSS Fora? I know we’re all a bunch of loonies on there, but we will also talk about Brain Fog quite sensibly too (sometimes). And if you do find you are going to be plagued by fogginess, feel free to come and join us.


Hi, I`m wondering if you feel the current lengthy Brain Fog thread has become a bit daunting for others to join. It now consists of proper daft stuff.

Nowt wrong wi` that but maybe folks feel their problems wont be acepted as a real problem for them.

I hope no-one is upset or offended by my comments.

Going back to your query Kaypeeo, it does sounds worrying, so I think a chat with your GP wont go amiss.

Let us know how you go on, yeh?


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