Bowel incontinence, new to me.

Can anybody help me with being chair/bed bound and I’m now faecally incontinent aswell as bladder, which I have been for some time and have an indwelling catheter. I’m having great trouble coming to terms with this faecal business and would welcome any tips or advice on how to deal with this, even down to the best pads to use. I look forward to any replies. Thank you so much for reading this post.


I’m a wheelchair user myself, and don’t have the greatest bowel control either. A helpful thing I read ls that our bowels are most active after eating, especially breakfast. So it could be worth going to sit on the loo 10 or 20 minutes after eating, just in case. When going out, I always think through where the accessible toilets are (there’s an app called Flushed that shows toilets in your location). If I wear a pad I use Tena Plus Pants. And ask your GP for a referral to a continence nurse, to see what they suggest.


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Hiya, I also am bed/chair bound and I have a stoma which has made a huge difference for me. I can’t manage changing it as my hands don’t work but my carers sort that out. But having the stoma really has been life changing for me. I feel confident in going out anywhere. Perhaps see your GP about being referred to have one done. All the best. Jane

Hi Jane Happy Easter to you! Thank you so much for your reply the stoma sounds like it could be an option if my GP will refer me. My head is buzzing with questions I need answered would you mind if I asked you about all the grisly details? I will wait to hear from you before I bombard you with questions. I really do appreciate you talking to me and offering some much needed advice. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Jackie

Hi Jacky

I wrote a long essay on my colostomy operation. If you’re interested have a look, it includes the ‘warts and all detail’:

I’m not chair/bed bound, although I do use a wheelchair more or less 100% of the time (I can manage a few steps with a foot up device and a walker, but it’s getting harder to do), and my hands just about work well enough to change the stoma pouch.

It sounds like it might be an option to deal with your faecal incontinence. Get your GP or neurologist to refer you to a colorectal surgeon and see whether they think it’s an option for you.

Best of luck.


Hi Jacky, Please feel free to ask me anything, though you might find answers from Sues blog. It was suggested to me to have the stoma due to being wheelchair bound and being incontinent, I was told by my lovely consultant that it would change my life and it honestly has. For me it works wonderfully without any problems at all. But please feel free to ask me anything if you need to. All the best, Jane