bowel advice

Hi everyone I have not posted anything for a while but I am hoping you lovely people can help me with my embarrassing problem.the issue is I can’t seem to be able to hold on when I need to go I have been to incontinence nurse and she has given me some exercises to do but I am going on a cruise in September so I wondered if anyone can give some ideas on what I can wear to help. With my confidence just in case I get caught out. Anne.

i have quite large bladder incontinence pads that do double duty at times. What I find really useful though is to carry a resonable stock of wet wipes, a perfumed disposal bag and some perfumed hand cream - I think it is my guilt but I can’t get rid of the smell with ordinary soap and water!

Greetings.My bowel issue tends to be constipatio due to the morphine patches and tramadol.However, I take measures to loosen things and then I understand what you have to go through.I’ve found that a couple of Imodim will stop things for a few hours so I can play out with confidence.

This may sound like a ridiculous practice,but over the 12-15 months I’ve been doing it there are no detrimental effects and I can still get out when I need to.

Be lucky,


Hi Anne

I have bowel probs too and was referred to my continence advisor for this. She told me about something called Peristeen, are you aware of it? It stops the need for pads and if it works for you gives you confidence to go out and do things you otherwise wouldn’t.

Hope this info is some help to you.


Hi Anne

I was referred to a continence advisor due to bowel issues. Have you heard of Peristeen?

If it works for you it’ll give you confidence to be able to go out and know that you won’t be caught out.

I hope this info is some help.

Naomi x