Botox and m.s

Hi, Might seem like an odd question but can Botox injections have an effect on the M.S? The reason I ask isI had a tumour removed from my saliva gland a year or so ago … The side effect from this is a condition where your glad area sweats when you eat. This has just started to happen. Now my surgeon said if it happened they would give a Botox injection into the area and this should stop to. I think he said this would be done maybe every year or more . I can’t quite remember. However I am thinking of asking for this treatment but I am worried about the effects esp as I’m pretty sure the op led to me having two consecutive relapses a few months after. It was a big op however as you can imagine due to my facial nerves being there so I was warned this could happen but a tumour left in would have been far worse. Thanks in advance hun xxxx

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Hi Lisa,

Botox is sometimes given as a treatment FOR MS, in cases of severe spasticity, and sometimes for the bladder. Although you wouldn’t be having it for this, logically, I wouldn’t think there were any contraindications, otherwise it wouldn’t be licensed for treatment of MS-related problems.


Nope it should be fine. The only time there may be caution is for aesthetic purposes if you already experienced some problems with muscle weakness etc ib the area veing treated as far as I know.


I have botox for my bladder and it’s fantastic but I have it done with a local not a general because I don’t like the thought of possible side effects from a general. Could you have the procedure done with a local or sedation? It might be worth asking if it’s the anethestic you are worried about.

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I think they inject it the same way they do botox injections for the face so presumably it’d be a local anyway. I don’t know much about it yet. Need to see the GP first. Thanks guys x

Interesting. I’m seriously looking into it for the left sided spasticity in my leg, for which even large doses of baclofen are having little effect. While they’re at it they can shove some into my jowells to make me look more Californian…