Blood test results

Please I wonder if any body can answer this for me, I have had m s symptoms since July last year, have had MRI scan which showed up leision, have seen the Nero Who told me it was properly m s but without going further text can Not diagnose this on paper, so I am waiting for lumper pucture and further tests. I went to the doctors last week as I was feeling really poorly and insisted that they done some blood tests on me, my question is my blood test results came back today and showed I have a b12 deficiency but doctor can not see me till Friday, so question is is it Possible the b12 deficiency that could be causing all my symptoms or could it be m s causing the deficiency in the b12 and is it common to have low b12 with m s , hope this makes sense Many thanks

Hi there,

I’m afraid your question is similar to the one about the chicken and the egg!

Not only can B12 deficiency mimic many of the symptoms of MS, but it is also common in people with MS. It’s not really clear which is cause, and which is effect.

At any rate, addressing your B12 deficiency may promote some improvement, whether or not there’s other stuff going on as well, so it’s good you found out.


As Tina said, it’s difficult to tell for sure, but B12 deficiency can actually cause brain lesions and can cause symptoms that are very like MS.

It would be wonderful if it was B12 deficiency that was causing yours because it’s treatable! Fingers crossed for you that getting your B12 sorted works wonders!

Karen x