Blood test results

Please I wonder if any body can answer this for me, I have had m s symptoms since July last year, have had MRI scan which showed up leision, have seen the Nero Who told me it was properly m s but without going further text can Not diagnose this on paper, so I am waiting for lumper pucture and further tests. I went to the doctors last week as I was feeling really poorly and insisted that they done some blood tests on me, my question is my blood test results came back today and showed I have a b12 deficiency but doctor can not see me till Friday, so question is is it Possible the b12 deficiency that could be causing all my symptoms or could it be m s causing the deficiency in the b12 and is it common to have low b12 with m s , hope this makes sense Many thanks

Hello Carol.

This means you have anaemia.This can occur commonly in healthy people:

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Have a read of the link BUT please do not assume the lists and what it says is all directed at you.


Yeah I have read the link, thank you was wondering if m s could cause low vitamin it’s just one big mine field for me. I have symptoms and told it was properly m s and now this has showed up.

Gosh Carol I am doing a search there appears there maybe a connection,or its described as a disturebed B12.

But also it says b12 deficiency should be tested for before MS as it mimics MS symptoms.

Maybe others will input as the days goes on with more information.I just googled “b12 deficiency and MS” and got loads of information.Some of it says no connection with MS some say yes.


Lesions point to possible MS but a lumber puncture is needed to confirm what the MRI shows up.

So yes its possible you have MS but I cannot realy say that, a LP is needed and yes there is possibly a connection with this B12 and MS.

BUT it is also possible niether are correct in your situation.

Thank you for your replays have lp next week not looking forward to it but know I have to go through with it to get the answers that I need x thanks for replying so quick means a lot

Your very welcome Carol.Once the LP is done you will know for sure.Our bodys do like to play tricks on us.I think the results take a few weeks to get back to the doctor or neuroligist.

I wish you all the best.


Hi Carole

My previous next door neighbour (aged around 45) had a numb foot a few years ago and was given B12 injections as she was lacking it. I saw her the other week and can tell you she definitely doesn’t have MS, just had B12 deficiency. Although it’s very possible to have both, I believe it is possible to have either as well.


LP is no big deal, Carole. Provided:
1 - Ask whoever is doing it to wait a couple of minutes longer for the local jab to take full effect.
2 - Lie flat afterward for a long as possible - and then drink your free cup of tea.

I learned the first one, lying on my side. The guy could not get the needle in the way that he wanted to, and said that he would have to try again. I felt this a severe discomfort for a few seconds, rather than pain. About two minutes later I asked when it would happen and was told that he had just done it. Did not feel a thing.

Half an hour horizontal - got up for a blood sample - that was a complete shambles - took four attempts to get the needle in right (much worse than the LP) - walked back to the car and drove 30 miles home.

But, you are right; the LP is as near a definitive test for MS as there is. You want an answer, you have the test.