Blood test for the JC virus....?

Hi everyone! (waves)

I’m just wondering if anyone on here has had a blood test (I’m on tysabri btw) looking for the JC virus?
I’m having blood taken on the 4th to be taken by courier to the us, to test the risk of ‘catching’ PML. I know a lot of the ppl in my group have chosen not to have it done. (ive had well over 20 infusions)

Im not freaking out or anything id just like to know?

Curiously, clare


My Neuro requested the test at my last appointment, blood has been taken and I’m told results take 2 to 3 weeks then I’ll hear back from neuro again.


Hi everyone! (waves)

When i was given the option to start on the tysabri i didnt think twice, but since neuro said (2 wks ago) about having the blood test Ive been thinking about it (shock horror haha), whether i should stop or not.
Then today had a call from the nurse saying, blood test has been cancelled!
After reading your replies, why havent i been tested already before now? I’ll be on my 24th (at least?) when i go for my next one!!

Confused and a little worried

Thanks for your answers again