JC Virus test - negative

good news today, I’m JCV negative, I’m starting on Tysabri next week.

It doesn’t mean there is no chance of getting the PML infection, but it’s great that I’m in the lowest risk group.


Congrats on test result!

Bit weird saying congrats considering the circumstances but you know what I mean, Personnally I am JC+ and having fourth infusion in a couple of weeks, getting the JC+ result definately added to the stress of it all and I had to think long and hard about going forward with the therapy but in the the end I’m glad I did because I think if it wards off the relapses then it’ll be worth it.

Word of advice…take a book,mag, ipod whatever it’s a lot of sitting around!!

Let us know how you get on, take care


Good - I hope thats put your mind at rest a bit about staring ty. I am also positive like Becky above, didnt find out until my 7th infusion. Its changed my life - I hope it does the same for you!

I’d decided that I was going on tysabri even if I was JC+, the risks are much lower in the first two years so I’d decided it was worth the risk in the short term.

I think it will be a good chance to meet some fellow MSers, so far I’ve only met one other since being told it’s possible MS and none at all since DX. I’ve been in the room where they all have the infusions, it’s where they put me after my LP. They were all sat around either chatting or reading while they got their infusions.

I’ve heard some people do have an improvement on it but the main aim is to keep me at my current level.