Bladder Problems

Hi, I have over the past few months started with a new problem, I’ve started having problems with my bladder as in wetting the bed and having accidents when I’m out and having to wear pads.My wife had heard about things called Conveen Bags where you put on a condom type thing which has a spout at the end which attaches to a bag which straps to your leg which needs emptying periodically and a larger bag for sleeping,they have changed my life.I first started buying them off Ebay but then contacted a company called Charter Healthcare,they told me they were a prescription item and needed to no who my GP was and the name of my MS Nurse and they did all the rest.They already new my MS nurse so I contacted her and Charter contacted my GP for a prescription and that was it,a few days later a box was delivered to my home address.Now all I do when I need more is fill in an online order form and Charter do all the rest,no worrying about getting a Prescription and travelling to pick it up,my GP hasn’t at the moment wanted paying for the prescription.Talk later,Dave.

hi dave

i agree.

charter healthcare are wonderful!

catheterising has been relatively easy.

GP wanted paying for your prescription?

i should bloody well hope not!

if we have to start paying, i’ll stage a revolt.

join me in being revolting!

carole x

Hello Bigdave,

Have you talked to an uro neurologist? Go to your doctor and ask to be referred to someone with this expertise. It might take a while to get an appointment but once you are on the system then you should progress at quite a rapid rate. They understand MS and bladder problems.

Another solution might be intermittent self-catheterisation, I found it to be a real game changer. To find out more get a referral from your doctor to a continence nurse or talk to your MS nurse.

Do not suffer this problem in silence or try to sort out your own solution.

Bladder problems are no fun. I also have them but not as severe as you. I have had a complete wet-out during the day quite a few times usually when I have been out and about. Last time was at a wedding, not mine.

For what it is worth look at the posts on my website My bladder Archives - Aid4Disabled.

Hope you get this problem sorted out.