Birthday blues

It’s my 49th birthday tomorrow. Not exactly over the hill i know, but i feel more like 69! Not relishing the fact that by my 50th birthday I could still be in the same position of not being dx with anything and stuck with these horrible symptoms, wish they would just go away!!! When I blow my candles out tomorrow (got the fire brigade on standby ) my wish is going to be that everyone, everywhere having to cope with a chronic illness can be suddenly cured and their pain and heart ache taken away. In the meantime, i am about to pour myself a large glass of wine, have a fag and to hell with the consequences xxxx

happy birthday when it comes look 49 is a number , I am 53 but dont feel any different from when I was in my 30 s look if your wish comes true I will be on the first plane to give you a hub

best wishes


hi bunny

happy birthday for tomorrow

i got my diagnosis the week before my 50th birthday.

but because i’d started using a walking stick i couldnt stand to see myself in a mirror.

my solution was to dye my hair a crazy fuschia pink

it was a relief to get dx because like you say, we have all these crazy symptoms so the least we need is a label to stick on it.

get old disgracefully, have another drink and then another and then …

carole x

Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I am 41 and also feel much older. A sudden cure would be great but in the meantime…pour me one of those large glasses of wine as well…Cheers!! Teresa.x

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Bunnythecat - I hope you have a lovely day and get a diagnosis soon! Teresa xx

Have a very happy birthday xxx

I hope you have a lovely birthday and your wish for everyone is much appreciated. Let’s just hope the fire brigade can stand down before your party becomes a literal washout. Enjoy!

Min x

Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!


Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Hopefully by your 50th you will have a dx to explain those troubling symptoms and, who knows, they might not be causing you so many problems in a year’s time. Enjoy the wine

Tracey x

Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes . xxxxxxxxxxxx

Happy birthday from me too :slight_smile: What a noble and generous wish, you have me right there with you… This blasted condition has robbed me of so much. Enjoy the wine, I feel a G&T may be on my priority list later! Sara x