Best British sporsperson

good day everyone, in the midst of the summer sporting frenzy, the age old, possibly unanswerable, question arises, WHO is Britain’s greatest sportsperson, the number of nominees from all sports is overwhelming, is it judged on medals, wins, sheer excitement and pleasure given, sheer determination of a disabled to finish, could it be a horse, or dog, for the spectacle it brings, how is the winner judged, is it national pride, what ???, is it multi millionaire Lewis Hamilton, who, on his first success, runs to the tax haven of Switzerland to be within the easy reach of his workplaces, or is it Andy Murray multi millionaire, who stays in Britain’s tax region, and to be within easy reach of his workplaces, or is it someone who inspires all of us, a Sarah Storey or Ellie Simmonds, to conquer whatever holds us back, to gain more than a medal, more than money, the belief of being successful, Brian