Being tested for Hughes syndrome

Hi I finally got to see a Nero last week who was 99 percent sure I have ms as this was my second episode and just said will do another MRI to confirm . Then late last week I received a blood test which when looking up on the internet found out they are testing for Hughes syndrome . Now really confused just wondering if anyone else had similar experience .xxx

If it is Hughes could be far better than MS; see

Good luck


It’s good news that they’re testing for it because it can be mistaken for MS, but is treatable. Your neuro is being thorough :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thanx a lot means a lot . Xx

Hi Tracey, I was tested for Hughes syndrome a few years ago. it is also called sticky blood desease. As far as I can recall, treatment is aspirin or other blood thinners.

My test came back negative. Apparently a lot of people are mis-diagnosed with MS when they really have Hughes.

luv POllx