BBC health web page...stem cells & MS

Hi folks - story on BBC Health webpage regarding promising stem cell developments in skin cells being converted to repair myelin - fingers crossed…

I went to the page and found nothing, did a search and also found nothing, care to post a link?

Don’t no what you are doing wrong Frostpaw, i just went on to the BBC health page and its the 4th story down.

Very interesting article

Frostpaw I coulnd’t find it either, but if you type stem cell into the search box it brings the article up. Intersting article Sue x

Try this:

Why can’t people post the website Skin 'may restore' diseased MS brain - BBC News easy


You are probably reffering to this

Human trials are supossedly expected to start sometime in 2015

Thankfully its adult stem cells used to repair myelin (in the bbc article), so no “pro life” arguments against this treatment.

sorry i didn’t see ur post hun til after i posted mine lol xxx

Thanks for the link guys!