Battle Vs War

I have gone to various therapists to help me accept my current condition (PPMS) and I know I’m not the same person I once was.

I had a therapist who once explained it best. MS is a war and it’s a war I will lose but what I should do and have to tried to do is cling to the individual battles I win in the thinking they give me hope that I am doing okay. I am surviving.

I think we should all do that. Every-time we do something to give us hope, cling to it and think I will lose this war but I won’t lose it without a fight. I will not make this easy for MS!


Part of the trick is to see when you’re beaten and withdraw in tolerably good order, ready to fight the next battle another day, isn’t it? No use exhausting yourself defending a scrap of land that’s already as good as lost. That’s been my experience so far with RRMS, anyway.

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Couldn’t agree more. And most of the battles you will lose and you’re right. Withdraw, prepare and be ready for a battle you might win.

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You are so right it is a war. I will never give in or surrender.
Do you know the phrase FUBAR? It is F***ed Beyond All Recognition.
We are different from what we expected BUT we still are amazing.
Take care be safe M x

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