Hi all,

Can anybody help? i am now at the point where i need to have a new bathroom,as i’m working

i realise i would not qualify for any grant to have this work done. the supplier tells me that i may not have to pay V.A.T.

Does anybody know if this is the case?


Not sure but I got a bath lift for mums house and didn’t have to pay the vat as it was disability related … just had to sign a declaration ?

yes this is right i signed a form to claim VAT relief when i had a new bathroom,i saved £650.

Yes. I did not pay VAT on a new shower cubicle. Just ensure the cotractor is awae of this.


If your contractor cannot supply you with a form, the government has its own which you can use.

I used it when we had some work done to our bathroom.

There is a link at the end of this document to a ‘suggested version’. The document is also useful as it lists the services that might be exempted from VAT.


Thanks to all of you for replying to my post.