bad rebif experience

hi all. hope that everyone is happy and as well as can be.

just a question- has anyone had a bad rebif experience? i am confident that it has and is helping a lot of people, but i didn’t have a great time with it. my last injection 2 days ago and MS nurse concurred that it wasn’t doing me any favours.

best wishes to all, fluffyollie

Hi fluffyollie

I was on Rebif for a while but suffered the side-effect of headaches. Not too serious, I know, but they didn’t become any less frequent with time, so I stopped. Don’t be put off by my experience, there are many on this forum who use the drug successfully. I am glad I tried it, but it just wasn’t for me.


Hi there,

Like Ben I was on rebif and sufferered with bad headaches which lasted all day. I put up with it for 8 months-had a one month break with no headaches and began copaxone which I have now been on for just over 2 years. As Ben said plenty of people get on with Rebif but I didn’t so I changed DMD. Let your MS nurse know if you are not happy with it.