Bad day ms and non ms

Today my whole body seems weak my walking had a mind of it’s own my ankles feel like they’re to see how close to the ground they can get. I’m even tired chewing it’s an effort. I was playing on the ground with my daughter and my knees and ankles are in agony. Though one positive today she took 2 steps unaided today and walked the length of the room holding my hand (using me for balance which ironic eh) so that was exciting and she’s just 10 1/2 months. Took my son to his golf lesson and my mother in law who I haven’t seen since me and my husband split. She knows he has lesson then and conveniently was there buying golf balls. She’d a bloomin cheek tl ask how willow is. She hasn’t seen her since she was 4 weeks old. My husband just takes son. They didn’t even take them to let my mum in to see me when I was in hospital. My dad ended up coming hone from sea to help. They only fish 10 weeks a year so taking a trip off could have been Costly Willow sleeps at mums I wouldn’t have managed without my parents and they’ve been no help at all. We really could have used it. They are NOT getting to waltz back into her life when she’s older and ‘easier’ It didn’t help that the first 6 weeks the nhs said it was stress because I’d had a baby and my marriage had split up. Now as far as I’m aware I left him and he wasn’t brad Pitt and I’ve had a baby before and was a good mum. They brainwashed me into thinking I’d post natal depression . Now I know that might apply to some people but I knew I wasn’t I couldn’t write use my arm has drop foot. That isn’t stressed even google pointed me to ms. She then asks how I am. I’ve had one text from her when I was new diagnosed saying ‘sorry to hear of your diagnosis. At least now your symptoms can be managed’ i wish I could have been braver and our back sorry they don’t supply new muscles and nerves on the nhs! Anyway apologies for my rant I’m tired , sore and disgusted. And this bloomin cold ain’t improving . My toilet going is horrendous and my right side is now joining my left and going numb. Seriously peeved off. Took it into my head to sort out baby clothes from my son to sell them but have only just started I’ve loads of people wanting to buy stuff and I can’t get going and get organised so my dining room and lounge are a sea of clothes. So I’ve shut the door and an in the back room pretending it doesn’t exist lol. Em x