Bad day and questions please

Sorry in advance as this is a bit of a moan I suppose…I am having a dreadful day my hurty level is way up there and my usual meds are not touching it. Sensation wise I have ants running all over my body ( usually been just spine and left hand and leg ) on gabapentin which damps it a little but today and yesterday doing nothing for me.

Doctor would not give me pregabalin which I wanted to try.

MS is not my only medical problem, I have a few other issues and my gp I think was trying to keep costs down regards saying no to pregab as I am on lots of other meds too.

I plan on asking again as soon as I feel well enough.

Wanted to ask if others feel Pregab is much better than gabapentin ?

Also wanted to ask about DMD,s … what was the trigger point for getting them ?

thanks in advance…was going to ask a few other things but fingers are protesting so can,t type more…you got off reading more moans


gabapentin was great for me at first but last time i took more than 300mg, my stomach bloated and i felt dreadful.

i know that my gp will prescribe anything that the neuro recommends.

luckily i had a recent check up with my neuro and he will have written to my gp, suggesting pregabalin.

as for DMDs - i really dont know. i was having a nasty relapse at the time i was diagnosed, therefore was offered them straightaway.

speak to your neuro or ms nurse and hopefully they will be able to help

carole x