Baclofen and physio

I was in physio yesterday, was sent there after my bad relapse last month.She did a test called the berg scale and said that i was ok and that spasticity was causing all my problems.My neuro increased it to 30mg in july but the physio said i should get more.I asked my g.p today but he said im taking enough.Is it just the after effects of relapse or the damn headcold I have making it worse?


i have no idea-sorry! but i do know that daily physio/exercise does help eventually. it took me several months to move my toes

sometimes medication brings even more issues but we are all different. hope u find a suitable solution for you…


ps i am just experimenting with the new smileys!

Thanks chocorange,you are right physio and exercise are important and has helped me immensely the last 2years Im starting physio next week and doing exercise all day,fighting to be somebit fit and maybe ease my tight legs. (Smiley face)

I used to take baclofen and am going for trials for a baclofen pump in November my mobility is getting awful so anything to help.

I have tried everything but my mobility on one scale makes me one scale point away from being dead I am 9 on a scale of ten


Hi hoppity,the baclofen pump is supposed to good as it pumps a small amount in you all day, hear great things about it and less side effects than the tablets.My neuro suggested Fampyra and i would love to try it but its way too expensive for me and its supposed to be good also.Best of luck with the baclofen pump, hope you get some relief.