Baclofen Alternative ?

As the title says is there an alternative to Baclofen ?

I’ve been taking Baclofen for over 4 years, trying everything from different doses, at different times of the days to constant doses same times of the days, but the reality is I just don’t think it does anything for me, at least the last 18 months it definitely hasn’t.

So I’m wondering if theres an alternative I could try ?

I have an appointment with my MS nurse 2 weeks time, so rather than probably be told theres nothing, I would like to have something I can possibly throw back .

I did have a trial with Sativex but again it didn’t do anything apart from make me dizzy and have horrible nausea.

Hi Jactac,

I Know how you feel, juggling doses all the time.

I’m on a mixture of Tizanidine and Baclofen.

Tizanidine can have an effect on your liver so need to have blood tests before you start, then every now and then. It’s one you can’t stop suddenly too but seems to work ok.

I’m not sure how much which ones help the most but I keep on taking them!

Write questions down to ask your nurse. I do otherwise I forget!


Hi goldrat, I have tried Tizanidine , and like you say it messes up your liver, it was pretty bad with me so I was taken off it. I just find that Baclofen doesn’t seem to help with the heavy bogged down legs. They still feel heavy, stiff, clumsy no matter what does I try.

Have you thought about trying cbd oil,i use it and cannabis its amazing,if you buy cbd oil buy 10% or over

Yep, Tried that too, and went even further onto Sativex.

Hi Jactac, Have you considered asking your neurologist or spasticity consultant about having a baclofen pump fitted? It delivers the medication straight to your spinal cord, which apparently controls painful spasms a good deal better than the oral variety. It does involve a bit of surgery to place the pump and the line that delivers the drug, but its quite a small procedure. The pump can be programmed to suit you and deliver the drug in higher or lower doses depending on when you feel your spasms are at their worst or are at their most minimal. The pump lasts for years once its in,( it sits in your abdomen, and is about the size of an ice hockey puck) and the drug only needs to be topped up every 6 months or so. You have to have a test dose of the drug into your spine before the pump can be fitted, but if it works, its all systems go. It’s well worth asking about if you find your spasms so painful and everything else so inefective.

Hi there arc.after I trialed Sativex. My spasticity consultant did mention a Baco pump when she went through all the “other” option . I may mention this in my appointment in a few weeks.

I went from Baclofen which I had used for 8 years to Clonezapam for muscle spasms at night. I’ve had no side affects and it seems to work for longer.

Yeah Clonazapam worked for my jerky legs, but didnt do anything for the stiffness. I had a consultation a few days ago with my Neuro and he said getting the dose right on Baclofen is critical and difficult. He said as an example, taking 2 tablets might not do anything at all and 3 might give you serious “jelly” legs or a feeling of a bit spaced out, so 2 and half might be the correct dose to get some benefit ? And then on the other hand it just dont work for some people !

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I’m taking six 10 mg tablets: one in the morning, two in the evening and three at night. I’ve become too tolerant that on a bad night I not only wake myself up but my wife, who calls me an epileptic starfish :confused:

I was weaned off Baclofen and tried Clonazepam for a few weeks, but it zoned me out. Not much point being spasm free if I am off work too. I eased myself back onto the same Baclofen dose and have muddled on, but my nights are getting shorter. I’m struggling on two or three hours some nights. My wife is at her wits end too :frowning:

I have an appointment with my MS Nurse in February (Gilenya blood test etc.) I’m going to ask about an alternative. Any ideas?