I've been dx for a little over 6 months and some of my symtoms have been getting worse. I'm getting quite bad spasms and jerks in my legs mainly towards the end of the day. My Neuro has suggested i take Baclofen but i'm a little reticent  to start on a treatment that may have unwanted side effects( I'm already fatigued most of the time my legs feel like lead and find walking very difficult). Can any of you recommend a alternative to Baclofen and also a dosage....... pm me if you dont want to talk about it on the boards





You could try magnesium and see if it helps. I take 750mg and that seems to do the trick, although my condition is not severe.

I've never had a problem with baclofen but found the standard alternative (tizanidine) awful. We're all so different, why not try it and see?

Karen x

l can understand your reluctance to take anything that has 'side effects' that only add to your list of symptoms.

l tried Baclofen - with terrible results. My legs were so weak l could not manage to stand up - let alone stagger about.

Then l was advised by a physio to try Tizanidine as this was not supposed to have the same side - effects -but it just made me so weak and wobbly-all l wanted to do was sit - well slump - in a chair and not do anything - l could not even hold a book or concentrate to read.  For the last 3yrs l have been taking LDN - with good results - and also l take magnesium[ as Whammel has recommended] along with omega 3/vitd3/b12/ co-enzeme q10 /alpha-lipoic acid/acetyl carnitine/ lnositol./Kelp. Yes l rattle - but the cocktail does seem to do the trick. At night l take 20mg amitriptyline.

None of these 'meds/supplements' cause any adverse side-effects - for me anyway.

Hope this helps you.


thanks for all your advice  will give magnesium a go , hope it helps , it is good to know that you all can help with advice about things .  

                  thanks again janette