Backdating JSA

Hi guys. I applied for JSA on the 27th March… chased the DWP 4 times on the phone, they only started processing my application on the 20th April… then they went silent. I chased them again yesterday, and they only invited me for an interview at the local job centre end of next week. It took them 6 weeks to offer me the appointment. By the time I get to see the advisor, it will be 7 weeks. Do you think I can get backdated JSA just because of their delay? I have enough material to show them that I have been actively looking for work in the past couple of months. Needless to mention I felt so rejected, as if nobody ever bothers to help me. Thank you. - M -

Yes, it should get back dated. Have you got an acknowledgement of the original contact date?

Thanks :blush: and amen. Yes, they sent me email confirmations on the day I first applied and when they started processing the application. I dont know why it took them so long… I will fight to have it backdated as according to the Gov website, they should take up to 14 days to process the application and give me an appointment.