Back to work

I have been off work for the past 4 weeks whilst going through the process of diagnosis and today was my first day back.

My eyes are still not completely clear and my legs have been a bit woobly and honestly today felt like the longest day ever but I am so glad to be back I was starting to climb the walls stuck at home.

Have you told work about your health/diagnosis?

I have, I kept my manager informed through the hole process and have been ver open about the whole thing.

I work in the little shop in the hospital so I was in there constantly whilst I was admitted, mostly whining about how unclear all the drs are.

As Richard inferred I have found it better to be open about my diagnosis; it does stop Chinese whispers it’s amazing what people think may be wrong. Never be afraid or ashamed of having MS; MS should be afraid of choosing you.

Also telling your employers; although you do not have to; does give you the safeguards of the Equalities Act; see