Back to square one....

So what to do now??? MRI normal (head and neck) abnormal evoked potential. Had consultant appointment last Monday to be told nothing wrong she feels that my symptoms are functional (what ever that means) she put in her letter to myself and GP that my reflexes are within normal limits on lower limbs and no clonus but my left plantar does appear abnormal although possibly simply withdrwal (again what ever that means) she will see me again in 6mths but in the interim if any other symptoms come up contact her secretary… She asked if we had any questions to which my hubby asked if stress could bring on relapses she agreed this might have an impact as she is sure I’m not consciously putting these symptoms on (nice of her) but I still don’t have any answers and feel even more of a nut job now my hubby although very supportive feels that this is progress (as she told us she doesn’t think it’s ms but keeps an open mind…) and that this is now the end of the matter I on the other hand don’t… What to do now??? I know I need to snap out of this fog I seem to be in at the moment it is after all the season to be jolly lol Rant over I hope you all have a lovely christmas. X

Here is a link to a very good web site about functional neurological symptoms - it might be of interest. It has good info about what the neuro might have been talking about when she assured you that she knows completely that you are NOT putting it on!

Try not to be too downhearted about feeling no further forward with getting to the bottom of your problems. At least your investigations seem to show that there is no obvious disease process going on, and that has to be good news, even if it doesn’t really feel like it. No one thinks you are making this stuff up. Hang on to that thought.



Hi, I began with mobility problems in 1998. I saw neuros every 6 months for several years. i had 4 MRIs, 2 LPs, 2 EMG trests and other stuff. Nothing showed any neuro problem, yet my symptoms worsened quite quickly.

I used to feel as if I was disbelieved by work bosses. But i knew something was way wrong.

many people have tests results which show nothing abnormal.

hang in there love. Dont doubt yourself and your other half shouldnt either.

I finally got told I dont have MS, after being told it probably was, this year.

I have spinal cord damage and no-one knows why and there is no treatment.

I`ve had great help from OTs, physios, district nurses, social services and GP.

I have a motto I may be broken, but Im still here.`

Merry Christmas.

luv Pollx

Functional neurological disorder cannot cause an abnormal evoked potential result.

So, I think you have two options: ask for a second opinion or wait until something else happens, at which point the neuro will have more to go on.

Neurology is very complicated which means that it is almost impossible to diagnose without clear signs and/or test results. Unfortunately, it is the patient that suffers as a result because limboland sucks :frowning:

If I were you, I would wait, simply because a second opinion right now would probably produce the same outcome given that they will have the same information to work with. One caveat to that though: do you trust your current neuro / do you have faith in her? If you don’t, then perhaps you should get a second opinion sooner than later.

Btw, I think “withdrawal” means that your foot was moved away from the stimulus, to avoid it (fairly common when the neuro presses too hard with whatever they are scraping the foot with).

It’s good news that the neuro is seeing you again - it means that she really did mean it that these symptoms are real and that you are absolutely not a nut job!

Karen x