Back in bed again

I did get up today Heather got me dressed I managed as far as the bathroom with the zimmer and had to come back in the wheelchair. I am now back in bed and have watched Monkey World and now have got Bargain Hunt on


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Hi Don, there’s always plenty on the TV this time of year. I hydrate with hot black current juice & fresh blueberries at chill time. Menthol lozengers to clear the airways. I personally use a rollator with breaks & put essentials in the basket, like fruit & liquorice. I’ve just microwaved my vicks vapour rub in a bowl of water to get the atmosphere fresh. Keeping an active mind with perhaps games or jigsaw puzzles, could work. Light exercises & doodle art are ideas. I intend to attempt a brain food festive menu eventually. Maybe design some decorations & produce personal cards. Anything for distraction & productivity. Take it easy out there. PUD

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Hi Don, great blog as usual. I’m so sorry you ended up back in bed. Well at least it’s so bloody cold out you are nice and cosy in bed!!!

I like Bargain Hunt. I’m always talking to the telly and saying ‘Noooo don’t buy that you’ll never make a profit’ and then it sells for a small fortune!

Before I entered MS-World I used to love boot sales and charity shops… but now I watch the antique shows instead… so you could say… (bad joke warning)… I have a second-hand experience of antiquing!

Ah well Don we do what we can eh?

My regards to the lovely Heather,

Love Pat xx

Thanks Pat I sold secondhand stuff for years as I used to say “I buy Junk and sell Antiques” now I just watch from afar.

Pud all those ideas have made me feel weak. I will never forget I was on crutches after breaking my leg years ago and wanted to take my coffee into another room so put it in a flask put flask and cup in a carrier bag coffee in front of telly sorted


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Don, I see from your blog you’re well in line for the baclofen pump. Any news, or have I missed it? Do you feel happier about the idea now?


Hi Don,

Hope you’re feeling a bit better today, I was wondering about the baclofen pump as well. How did it go?

Nina x

Hi Don

So sorry to hear you’re not so good, we certainly have to be very very patient when it comes to ms, easy to say, but really hard to do.

Do hope things are better for you, and you can get back to enjoying some lovely fish and chips while watching the sea.

((((Hugs from Gloucestershire))))) x

Pam x

Hi Folks, I just had a visit from my GP

Yes I am eligible and will be having a Baclofen Pump fitted next year I am all over the place at the moment and over the depression (almost) my mind is in a better place but this pump is still hanging over me. I think it is mainly the logistics od getting there and staying in at Kings that is playing on my mind, it is 70 odd miles away and Heather wont drive in London. Or is it I wont let her drive in London and obviously she wants to visit etc. As I say I am all over the place and sorry I haven’t kept up to date but it just starting to feel back to normal. Whatever normal is with MS.


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Hi Don

I am so glad you are feeling more yourself, takes its toll this ms marlarkey, doesn’t it?

I know its easier said than done, but try to put your thoughts about the pump on the back burner, that way you can enjoy Christmas and New Year with the family.

Your gpp sounds just as lovely as mine, we are lucky to have them.

Going to read your blog now, I expect it is as good as usual, I always enjoy it.

Pam x

Brilliant! Pam’s right, I’m sure you know- try to enjoy the family time over Christmas, let the future take care of itself for now. Your GP sounds like a star. I always feel sorry for people who don’t get such a good relationship with their doc. It is more than half the battle. I’m dead pleased for you.