Back home from Kings

Well it’s all over I went for the trial to see it I was a candidate for a Baclofen pump. I am sad to say it never worked for me

Home in bed now . Don

Don I am so sorry it was not successful for you, I wish I could think of something helpful to say. For what it’s worth my thoughts are with you.

Ann x

Oh Don what a let down for you! I’m so sorry to hear that. On the bright side, at least you didn’t go through the process of having it inserted to then find it didn’t work for you. I know that probably isn’t very helpful for you but my thoughts are with you too.

Take care

Cath x

Oh Don I am so sorry, what a disappointment, thinking of you.

Pam x

That is so disappointing, at least you gave it a go Don and are not sat wondering

Jan x

That’s a shame Don. At least you had the trial. Getting to and from King’s itself must have been a trial in its own right. For starters, the nearest station (Denmark Hill) is not exactly accessible. About three and a half years ago my wife and I had to go there for treatment. The last time, fed up of speed bumps, we took the train. It was indeed a test of patience and fortitude.

Best wishes, Steve.

I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you. I hope you are resting up now after this.

Best wishes.

Hi, Don

So sorry it didn’t work for you, i don’t know much about this type of thing, so don’t really know what to say, i think even though we get used to the set backs and disappointments it doesn’t make it any easier, I hope that you are having a nice rest and enjoying watching the birds out of your window… whenever i am feeling down the birds always cheer me up.

Michelle x

Hi Don,

Sending you a huge (((((HUG))))

Mags xx

Hi Don,

I am sorry, it must have been a nightmare, I know you weren’t looking forward to it but never the less once you psyched yourself up to going it must have been a bitter disappointment. Has your neuro got any other suggestions for you?

take care of yourself.

Nina x

Thanks for all your kind comments, you guys are all great and supportive. I am back home and exhausted it will be a few days before I have recovered so sorry if my posts are intermittent but sleeping an eating are all I have managed today. I am too weak to stand at the moment and Heather is struggling to get me on the commode. Hope I get back to normal soon.

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Just take your time and listen to your body. I hope your mobilisation improves though, both for yours and Heather’s sakes. It’s awful needing help but you’ve got a real gem for a wife, you’re very lucky. Hope you feel better soon.

Cath x

Sorry to hear that Don.

Chin up mate.

Hope you manage to get out this weekend. Nice and sunny here in London. What’s it like in Margate?

Thinking of you,

Pat xx

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Hi Don,

I had the trial in August and it made only the slightest difference to my spasticity and no improvement to my walking gait. Baclofen must target some types of spasticity and not others I reckon. In my opinion they might as well have injected saline into my spine!

I am sorry it didnt work for you either. Did you find it made no difference your spasticity either ?

Moyna xxx

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Pat brilliant sunshine here in Margate but Heather tells me it’s freezing. I am now constipated so not going out.

Moyna no real improvement in movement until I stood up and my legs were jelly wrecked me for three days plus now constipated. Hey ho I enjoy sitting in the bathroom.

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Blo**y freezing here in the North East, might be icy on the roads tonight

Hope you get some relief soon

Jan x

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Jan not been out of bed all day, it will take a few days to get straight I won’t be going out so I will take everyone’s word for it being cold. X Don p

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Jan not been out of bed all day, it will take a few days to get straight I won’t be going out so I will take everyone’s word for it being cold. X Don p

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Don, take it slow and steady. Sorry the trial didn’t work out, but at least as someone else said, you didn’t have to go through with having the full fitting before finding it doesn’t work. (Wish our plumbers had done the same with the useless hot water pump they put in).

Spring is on the way, time to recuperate in kinder weather.

best wishes, Kev


Cheers Kev I am still in bed I can’t believe how much it takes out of me doing anything out of the ordinary and I am wiped out.

Sounds like a plumbing story for when I phone sorry I haven’t called but you know what it’s like.