Back again

Well. Here I am after quite a while away from here. My history. Family has a history of MS. My dad has primary progressive and my brother remitting relapsing. About five years ago I started with all of the MS possible symptoms and was referred to various neuro specialists. After quite a few differing diagnoses (post viral exhaustion, non specific encephalopathy amost others I was told by a specialist that he was confident I was suffering from vestibular migraines of the invisible kind. I was told me body was constantly having migraines and sending stray signals all over the place which was screwing with my body. I was prescribed pregabalin and told that after a while on them I could come off of them and be normal again (yeah right). So I did try to come off of them and the symptoms came back again so I am back on them again but now I have a funky new set of symptoms. Since it all started both hands and forearms have been less sensitive, unable to tell temperature very well. Now the top joint in my middle three fingers (not my pinky or my thumb) can be extremely painful and have started to tingle. Much of my left hand is also numb, not completely but a bit like your mouth feels like when the anaesthetic wears off after the dentist. Now I have been xrayed for arthritis and it has come back as clear and now I’m wondering if its a new neuro symptom and wondering if the MS route needs considering yet again. I try not to worry about it but it’s always there in the back of my head. I was never that confident in the migraine explanation so back to the doctors it is. Does anyone else suffer from this kind of symptoms?