Awful day yesterday couldnt walk properly

Hi ya I tried to post this yesterday but didn’t publish for some reason Any support and advice much appreciated. Today my head feels lighter and can walk better toes are burning and numb and left arm still same as always numb and half there have buzzing in my legs ; [quote=“tatty”] Hi everyone I thought i would post today purely to gain any advice. had awful morning when I got up felt fuzzy and as if I could sleep all day. Legs not working properly again, mainly left leg but nowbstarting to effect right. I have had a bad week with on going symptoms. Left leg getting numbness and pain when i walk which i have had before by the time I walk 10 mins to bus stop foot completely numb and pain sqeezing in ankle and around knee. Short story is have had to go private as had atypical cfs diagnosis but specialist wasnt happy. Gp tried to gain 2nd opinion with neurology but appt was rejected. Now a private neuro wants to see me on nhs and has agreed further tests are needed. Ongoing 2 years. Symptoms mainly; Numbness tingling and pain down left side Developing above issues with lower left foot and ankle Awful headaches today is all front and feels as if front of my head goung numb and worse sometimes when reading using eyes Bad spasms and body jerks and now when i get body jerks getbelectric shock type sensation in hands Pains in left side above hip in ribs Bad and ongoing constipation Numbness in lower regions Today bad metallic taste has come back Numbness and pain in left arm and have had trouble with motor skills I would be grateful for any advice on how people cope with days like today where i cant move very well about the house even having shower wiped me out On nortriptyline and have further appt tuesday at clinic Should I push for another set of mri’s? Had brain and spine done 18 months ago but not neck Thanks and sorry for any messy typing on mobile [/quote] bn