Awaiting diagnosis, scared and don't understand my mri

Good Morning, brief history, 20+ years chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, 8 years of numbness tingling with bilateral sciatica, also spinal surgery (ACDF) Two titanium plates fitted In 2020

After my 2nd Astrazenica vaccine (August 21)
Within 48 hours I have had numbness which started in my finger tips & have since spread to both palms, within the last few months I’ve had waves of intense tingling in the left half of my face, which did come and go but now feels permanently like my face has the almost worn of feeling after a dental numbing injection, followed by my whole right arm doing the same. I also am having pelvic region spasms and tingling, like my pelvic floor muscles are constantly tensing.
I was sent for a nerve conduction test which came back the problem was coming from my neck, so went to my specialist physio who arranged an MRI just to make sure it wasn’t from the spinal operation I had in 2020.
I had the MRI and it showed a large hyperintense leison c2/c3 I was referred to neurology as an urgent referral who arranged a further MRI on my neck & a weighted brain scan which have both shown further lesions. I had an appointment on 7th of July and was told It could be MS and that I need to wait approx 4 weeks for my next appointment. I have a letter which tells me where the leisions are but I don’t understand it.
I’m in Limbo, I’m in awful 7/10 pain every single day from my neck all the way down to my toes & can’t get relief. I’ve tried so many different medications over my years of battles with chronic pain, but my nervous system just seems to reject and give me awful side effects with no relief. I’m doing less and less each day and struggling mentally & physically, to the point my husband is considering having to leave his job to help me with home life and children. Is there anyone who can tell me anything about this letter my neurologist sent to my GP? Thank you

*Letter to my GP
This is to inform you that the MRI brain/cervical spine has been discussed in the Radiology meeting. MRI brain showed evidence of a lesion on the left side of the brain, few hyper-intensities in the juxta cortical para-sagittal white matter of the left superior temporal gyrus, and another T2 hyperintensity near left lateral ventricle.

The cervical spine showed evidence of a large plaque of demyelination in the cervical cord at the level of C2/C3 disc, and a small right hemi-cord plaque at the level of C4/C5 disc.

These changes are likely to be of inflammatory in nature, and as discussed in Clinic, Multiple Sclerosis being one of the possibilties. As discussed.

I would start by looking through this

I don’t think anyone understands their MRI!

The consultant probably more interested in your history of symptoms and their physical examination.

A bit confusing trying to sort out the chronology and where you live. Never heard of a physio arranging an MRI. I see you are expecting to see the Neurologist again. Good luck with trying to understand the MRI, but it is not a simple mapping from damage to symptoms. Also in the UK if you are diagnosed with MS you would expect to be allocated to an MS Nurse or team.
I think a lot of us get obsessed by our MRI but I have never actually seen mine or discussed it with my consultant. My initial reading showed that my symptoms could be related to both damage in my brain and my spine. Then I just started to work on how exercise might improve my symptoms. Gaining a better understanding of the MRI wouldn’t have helped!

Thank you for you reply & the info.
I’m in the UK my MSK spinal physiotherapist ordered all my MRI scans and arranged my surgery.
Hope you find relief from your excercises and wish you well. Thanks again.