Hi everyone so I’m interested to see how many people are on avonex. Given that its only one injection weekly into the skin I’m thinking of opting for that as seems easier than having to inject 3 times a week or every day. The question I have for the people that are on it or have used it is how bad are the side effects for it? Do you have flu like symptoms afterwards and do they normally affect you? I’m just worried that this will interfere with work and don’t want to have to take it on the weekend and then ruin my weekends too! Alternatively if people have advice on rebif etc too I would be grateful for their knowledge on that Thanks

Hi, I asked this same question last night. I’m taking my first injection tonight.

Hello not sure if you have already taken your jab tonight but I only had flu like symptoms for the first two weeks, and even then they weren’t that bad. Paracetamol sorted it out and OK for work the next day. I think I read all the possible side effects and convinced myself i would get all of them but hardly got any

Yes, here I am the following day and feeling pretty fine!

I was quite hot during the night and all I could describe as a muzzy head but I don’t feel bad at all now, so if this is as bad as it gets, then it’s fine by me

Excellent news!

Anon - how did you get on?

Ignore me I should learn to read the post properly first you haven’t started them yet doh!

I’ve been using Avonex for a year now. I chose it mainly because I work full time and a once a week injection suited me best. The side effects were not good to start with but with paracetamol it’s not too bad now. I normally do my injection about 8.30, take some paracetamol and off to bed. I take some more paracetamol up with me and take them about 6.00am and try to get another hour’s sleep if I can.

I’m lucky enough that work lets me come in later, post injection day which helps a lot. I take it on a Wednesday mainly because I didn’t want my weekend wiped out! But normally by 10.00am the next day, I’m fine if a bit tired.