Feeling a little nervous, start avonex injections tomorrow !

Not worried about doing the injections much more worried about getting any side effects.

Hello, I take Avonex on a Thursday too!! Taking paracetamol before your injection (about 10 mins) and then every 4 hours should do the trick. Take your injection out of the fridge 30 mins before you use it. Everyone is different of course and you will find what works for you. Good luck Sam x


Thurs is my day too! The above advice is good. I’ve been on it for 10 years. I found that after a few months the side effects mostly went away so I don’t take pain killers any more. On the odd occasions I do get them, then I take the painkillers as soon as I feel a bit ‘rough’.

Hopefully you won’t get them too bad after a few injections. Good luck - it does get easier to self-inject.


I really want to do them on a Friday as I’m self employed and need to work hard on weekdays. Nurse coming to train me doesn’t work Fridays! Might stick to Thursdays if its not too bad. Have big box of paracetamol at the ready! Thanks


How did you get on?