Avonex query

Hi wondering when on interferons how long you all continue to use painkillers before injecting… I’ve been on avonex since last September and always take paracetamol and ibpubrofen before injecting and then 4 hrs later forgot my second dose last night and woke up feeling crap hot cold headache!!..feel a bit rough today as awake a good couple of hrs!.. Just wondering if you all still take painkillers even if you’ve been on them a while!..I didn’t suffer with side effects as always taken something regularly…thanks Emma x

Hi Emma, I have been on Avonex for 3months now and I take 2 paracetamol 10 minutes before I inject and then every 4 hours after until I go to bed. I tend to sleep through okay. If I am late for a dose, I regret it!! I’ve only needed to top up with ibuprofen a couple of times when my calves get sore. My nurse advised me to keep taking paracetamol on injection day even if I feel okay as she said its easier to prevent than get rid of symptoms once they set in. I think as its only once a week, I will always take something to get me through! Hope you feel better today :slight_smile: Sam x

Hi Emma, I have been on Avonex for over a year now and still take painkillers before injecting and after the next day. I still get affected by it and quite often have a bad night and then feel rubbish throughout the next day, today in fact .BUT I look at it this way, I’m still walking, talking and having a good standard of normal life which without my horrible weekly friend, I may not be! Keep going with it and hopefully you woill find that the affects will calm down. I hope you feel better! Jason