Auditory Hallucinations

Hi everyone.

i have had MS for a number of years and I have been fortunate enough to not have too many flare ups though I am starting to get these more often. There is a specific problem i have been experiencing that has got me very worried. For the last wee while I have been experiencing auditory hallucinations. I don’t hear anything strange just conversations I know aren’t real orbit what I am talking about. I will hear things like, for example, my partner saying put the kettle on when she has said nothing. Things like that mainly. These are more prevalent when I am tired. Does anyone else experience these? Is it a direct symptom of MS or a medication side effect? Obviously this has me and my partner, especially my partner, very worried. Any advice very much appreciated, thanks for reading.


Hi I know auditory hallucinations can be a side effect of drugs.

One of my drugs I’ve been prescribed Co-dydramol lists it as a side effect. The information leaflet inside the box say’s if you get side effects talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

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