My mum is in the final stages of MS of which I have previously posted. Over the last 2-3 months she has been struggling to swallow, which I understand is another symptom of MS. She has now been in hospital for over 2 weeks of which they have put in a peg whereby she is receiving food supplements direct into her stomach.

Since her operation which was over a week ago, she has became really confused and hallucinating alot. She has no urine infection as they have checked this and her potassium and magnesium and blood levels are fine. The Doctors are a bit baffled by this.

I was just wondering if this is another symptom of MS. Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you.


hiya sharon

i experienced hallucinations for about 2 months last year.

it was really strange because i still had enough insight to know that what i was seeing wasnt real.

i saw a lady in a posh frock at my door but she had her head under her arm. i spent ages arguing with myself that she wasnt real-cos it seemed very real! it happened many nights over the 2 months but then suddenly stopped again.

it wasnt a dream-i was out of bed and checking the door.

no medication changes at that time.

hope they stop for your mum.

take care, ellie