Is there anyone taking Aubagio that could help me? I am having to switch meds due to a sudden bad side effect on my current one. I have been given three choices and one of them is Aubagio. I have done some research and have scared myself.

If anyone can offer some advice and guidance on this drug, I would be really grateful.

Thank you


Are you talking about teriflunomide ? I’ve now been on it for 2 years - I had a major reaction from the previous tablets so changed to teri and haven’t looked back. The only issue is it can say in your system for up to 3 years after stopping but can be removed after 3 months with other medication.

Yes I am, thank you for replying. I have to switch and this is the drug I am considering.

Can I ask, have you had any problems with infections? On the side effects, it worried me about all the infections. I know everyone is different and I have just got to try and see how I get on but it is reassuring to get experiences from others taking it.

Thank you


I was prescribed Aubagio months ago but it has sat in a drawer ever since it was delivered. I’ve been reading the various threads on here about it and also on Facebook. I’m considering coming off the Facebook thread. Most users appear to be from the States and there are a lot of posts about bad side effects. When I discussed them with my MS Nurse she said she had not had any patients complain of bad side effects. What concerns me with this drug is that it is claimed to be only 30% effective in reducing relapses AND it is not known why the drug prevents relapses. If this is the case, I’ll stay off it and take the other 70% chance of not relapsing anytime soon. I had a relapse in January of this year, which is why they’ve suggested I start on “A”. But when I have reported feeling better than I have felt in years, I was told it was because I was now post relapse. Personally I don’t agree, having had the most awful few years ever. I think the stress of that prompted a relapse. Maybe I’m in denial but the suspected side effects are enough to stop me from using this drug.

Hi, I have been on Aubagio. for over 2 years and I have had no problems from it. In the beginning my hair thined a bit. I get my bloods checked every 2 months .For the first 6 months I go my bloods checked every month. I am quite happy on it my neurologist has told me it’s the best one he has found with a lot fewer side effects. Hope this helps . Jenny

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Thank you for your replies.