At the start of diagnosis scared

Heres a brief outline. Hit with symptoms 11 yrs ago. Was tested for M.S Neuro wanted more tests as though the M.R.I was showing nothing he still had concerns. I started feeling better left his care convincing my self it was M.E. This first event left me a little unbalanced with slight double vision. If I got ill my eyes always got worse as did my balance. 2 weeks ago I suddenly became so tired that I felt drugged then my left side face down to foot had altered sensation. My memory failed my concentration was dreadful. If I got an ocular migrane the image I get is just in the left hand eye and I find it tricky to find words. now my mouth feels like I’ve been to the dentist numb and a little burnt my throat feels the same eating is tricky. So I had an energy c.t scan which was clear. To be told that I need an emergency Neuro appointment for a MRI and lumbar puncture. I asked if she thought M.S her reply was yes. Wondering about remitting regressing M.S. what ever it is I’m feeling out of control and frightened to be honest

Hi there - sorry I can’t comment on your symptoms - I am also in the limbo of being diagnosed. Just wanted to say you are not alone in feeling worried/anxious… it really is a horrible time! Really hope you get some answers soon x

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Thankyou ejc40 limbo indeed hope you get answers as well. After a really good p.m I’ve taken a little control back. I’ve stopped driving told my friends how I feel and am asking my family for help. Doctors tomorrow. Feeling very loved. I’m trying to stop worrying as it’s not going to change things. Tonight is a bad one stinging nettlecsensation down left hand side and very twitchy. Hoping it will go off and let me sleep. Found out G.P forgot to send urgent Neuro appointment request though.this is why I’m back at docs tomorrow plus back pain and odd lumps found. I’m sorting out benefits my friend is helping me. Went to work cuddled the boy I support spent valuable time with him. I love him dearly fed him his lunch. Spent time just being with him. My employer even offered for me to move in when I explained I hated being alone. Went out with a friend and her 11 yr old daughter for a meal. Light relief. Going out tonight for a meal with a male friend I have lied and said I’m feeling better as mentally I am less emotional. Ignoring my symptoms for a few hours and enjoying his fast driving and light company. I need laughter and a hug. One friend has said I’m very unbalanced at the moment so now it’s time to address this.