Asymmetrical reflexes.... Reflexes are fine?!

A big hello to anybody reading, thanks for taking a glance. I’ve never blogged before or written on a forum of any kind. I am a self diagnosed #technicalfuckwit!

I saw my gp 3 months ago with weak legs poor coordination numb tingling in my toes weak left arm with hardly any feeling in my hand. Gp did lots of things, walking heel toe, shin heel, neither I was brilliant at as of my clumsy left leg. My toes on left foot haven’t been straight for 2 years and my ring finger and middle finger are very good friends who will not be separated unless prised apart. I was asked to shut my eyes with arms out stretched, when I opened them my left arm was almost on my lap. Gp wanted to send me to the neurologist as she had concerns it might be ms. Fast forward a few months… A few days ago I saw the neuro. He checked my eyes, all good. Also finger nose, I met the target all be it with a shaking left arm, he said “that’s fine if you aren’t very strong” and checked my reflexes. He said they were asymmetrical on arms and legs. While pulling my legs about they shook twitched and got full of cramp, he did apologise. Then went back to my reflexes. This time some slight movement on my left. Then he was finished, a few minutes of testing. He said he couldn’t find anything wrong with me although he does see I’m weak and that’s why my toes and fingers aren’t straight on the left side (!) He said he will send me for a MRI of my brain and spinal cord to be on the safe side.

so my long winded question is (sorry for the story, I know everyone has one) are asymmetrical reflexes, bent fingers and toes and walking like I’ve spend the afternoon in the pub, all fine?


Clara xxx

Hi Clarabelle - I think you know yourself that - no - your symptoms are not ‘all fine’. Otherwise you wouldn’t be seeing the GP/Neuro etc. You don’t mention blood tests - that would be a reasonable place to start looking for ‘something’ as a cause, and the Neuro is probably waiting on the results from the MRI before saying “This is X” and then having to change the dx at a later date, they’d rather sit on the fence indefinitely than have to change a dx.

Chin up and keep at the GP - if you haven’t had blood tests etc. yet, get them done.

Thanks Theresa. Yes has blood tests. I’ve low vit d (11, I take a tablet for that) And a high white count… Gp doesn’t seem to concerned, she runs checks on it every 3 month but it is still slowly creeping up…