Artefact T2 changes?

Im still currently undergoing investigations regarding possibility of MS i was told its either ms or myelitis depending on more tests.

Ive seen one neurologist privately who had checked my mri scans and has said it could be myelitis or ms depending on the brian scan he was double check as it came back clear however he thinks there is a tiny singnal change thats been missed. He is also looking at doing another lumbar puncher (had one before but for a different issue).

NHS neurologist rang me (phone consultation) before the brain scan results returned back in april. Asked what he was calling me for originally and then told me he cant do anything until he sees me face to face and had no idea why its been booked as a phone call.

Ive not seen him since or had any other appointments thought however had a letter from him to my doctor cc me into it. Saying theres no changed in the brain scan and the T2 signal change, he thinks is an artefact so has no conserns? Had put will arrange a face to face in due courseā€¦

Yet the private neurologist ive paid to see has said he can see a tiny signal change on the same brain scan and the same scan on my neck hes said the T2 signal change explains why i have the symptoms ive got now and had back in October last year.

Im back to being confused, who do i listen too
Is this normal to have 2 completely different results from 2 different neurologist?