So I’m no further forward… 2nd MRI’s should of been done with contrast but weren’t so came back as normal as last ones Lp done and came back normal So what’s next ?? I wish I new :frowning:

Hi, I had 4 mris, 2 lps, 2 emgs and a vep test. All came back normal.

It`s a chuff in limboland, I know!


The contrast is only used to see if lesions are currently active. If the standard MRI sees no lesions then they wont give you contrast. The contrast does not show lesions that a normal MRI does not. I hope that I am making sense.

What are your symptoms. If you have clear LP and MRIs the likelyhood of MS is vertually zero.

Moyna xxx

As Poll says limboland is a chuff! I have decided to make the changes in my life to support the problems that I am having regardless of no MS disgnosis yet. Anyone who knows us can tell there is something wrong and hopefully you havethe supportof your loved ones and family. Poll is am ambassador for Limboland and you just can’t let it drive you nuts, eh Poll? Best wishes to you though it is so difficult Gill

Are you having new problems that could be caused by new lesions?

I’ve read many times that gadolinium contrast can show new lesions that are too small to be seen otherwise. E.G.:

LP are normal in about 5% of MSers.

As Poll says limboland is a chuff