Arm pain

Hi, I’m currently under investigation for ms after a bout of optic neuritis. I have also experienced bladder incontinence, a tight band aroubd my chest with breathing difficulties and palpitations. I woke yesterday with a number hand, similar to when you’ve been lying on your arm and need the blood to circulate to your hand again. I started to experience pain around my elbow which quickly spread to my shoulder. Now for 2 days I have had severe pain from my shoulder to fingers, my thumb feels numb and my finger ends are burning. My original MRI was normal but due to the bladder problems I am waiting for an LP and repeat MRI. Is the arm pain something people diagnosed deal with?? My head is all over as I constantly wonder if it’s in my head and I’m imagining symptoms when my MRI was clear??

I have a lesion which causes pain in my arm - like electricity - and numbness in my hand and lower arm. It did show on an MRI but that was a change from an MRI a few months before which was clear in that area. I don’t put up with it I have some painkillers from my Doctor, they do knock me out a bit but they help. Hope you get some answers quickly.