Are you diagnosed with CIS?



I originally became a member of this forum when my sister was diagnosed with MS and I needed more info from real people:-). But I work in documentaries and I am currently making films about people living with different kinds of MS and thought this forum would be a good way to spread the word.

Some of you might have already had private messages from me but I thought I would write a post as well. 

I work as an assistant producer for a company called Minnow films
They are currently making 4 films about MS for a big international doctors conference happening in Pars later this year. As we are wanting to show how people live with different kinds of MS at different stages, I have been looking for someone who has been diagnosed with CIS. The films are NOT going in-depth on people's medical histories but more so about the emotional and personal journey people have experienced.

My email is in you would like some more info. 

Look forward hearing back from you.