Are MS Soc forwarding my Facebook details to other organisations?

As of this morning my Facebook news feed is clogged up with discussions from ‘MultipleSclerosisTalk’. The only MS organisation that has EVER been allowed access to my Facebook account is MS Soc so I can only assume that this problem (which is taking over from my real friends’ postings) is as a result of something being passed on by an organisation I usually trust - I’m not happy!!! Has this happened to anyone else?

No Jk… no it will not be anything to do with MS Soc. You have probably clicked ‘like’ to a post on ‘MS Talk’. (Facebook searches your page and will have offered you other posts to do with MS).

Place the curser over a post from MS Talk… you will see a pale grey ‘down’ arrow. Click on the arrow. You will see a menu which will include ‘Hide all posts from MS Talk’. Click on that. It will ask you why you want to hide the posts, but you don’t need to answer that… the posts will still be hidden.

Alternatively, click on ‘MS Talk’ so that you are on their FB page. If the ‘LIKE’ button at top has a tick next to it, click the ‘LIKE’ button again and the tick should disappear. You will then not get their posts.

Hope this helps,

Pat x

I know it doesn’t solve the problem of how it has happened in the first place, but if you want to ‘unclog’ your news feeds, it’s should be possible to hide all from MultipleSclerosisTalk. If you ‘hover’ over the top right-hand corner of one of the offending posts, a ususually invisible drop-down arrow should appear. Using that, you should get a choice of hiding just that individual post, or hiding all from MultipleSclerosisTalk. This works on a Windows PC using Chrome - not sure if the same option is available on phones or tablets - I think, on my iPad, it doesn’t have it, frustratingly - but if you have access to a regular PC or laptop, you should be able to do it.

Sorry if I’m preaching to the converted, and you already knew how to hide unwanted news feeds.

I have similar with a ‘friend’ - she’s not really a friend, but a former neighbour who’s been good to me in the past - who keeps ‘sharing’ material from outrageously racist sites. I don’t want to hide all posts from her, because I don’t mind updates about the children etc, but every time one of these racist posts comes up, I do the ‘hide all from…’ on the originating organisation. So eventually, anything she posts from any of these right-wing-organsations won’t show up, but I’ll still get the harmless, non-controversial stuff about children and pets.



Bah! Pat beat me to it! All that typing wasted.

Jk, I unliked that group as I did find that they post way too much stuff, weirdly I looked at their page and I don’t know where they get it all from.

Do you mean you’e getting adverts come up? If so, that’s just facebookand it can pick up all sorts and doesn’t seem to be too accurate either!

Sonia x

Pat x


It won’t be the MS Society - for a start I doubt they’d have the time : ) No, I’m pretty certain it will be facebook itself or th elike of google or whoever your internet service provider is. It’s the same reason why if you ever do a spot of online shopping and suddenly find you get targeted adverts appearing down the sides of pages for things you’ve just been looking at. For example, I know that if I look on the Debenhams website for something, 5 minutes later all the ads I see are for Debenhams.

But like the others have said, you can hide the posts from your news feed.


That’s true Dan… and even more than that.

I was emailing a friend on gmail about Lakeland bread maker. She then went to google it and as soon as she put the “L” into google Lakeland popped up!

The software they use is pretty amazing… if you don’t mind your email etc being monitored!

Pat x

Thanks everyone - I’d forgotten how to hide things - I’ve blocked them completely now. Still not sure how they knew I had MS and found me but problem solved!! XX