Are high ferritin levels associated with MS

I have quite a few symptoms which are similar to MS. At present I don’t know the cause.

My GP has referred me to a Neurologist and I have an appointment in October. She explained that the Neurologist would want to have information on my vitamin B12 and arranged for a blood test.

The blood test came back with high ferritin levels and I was asked to arrange an appointment with my GP. As she was on holiday I saw another GP who said that she would discuss my blood results with a Haematologist.

A further blood test was arranged. The surgery then rang and told me that my iron levels are high and that I was being referred to a Haematologist. I have not yet received a referral appointment.

I was wondering whether high Ferritin levels are a marker for MS? Can anybody enlighten me.

Many thanks.

Hi, just read your post. I have some MS like symptoms (prickly burning skin) and have had several blood test with high ferritin levels over the last year. Did you get an answer to your question or a diagnosis?